The People at Black Economy Solutions believe that a business should make its customers life easier and that's what we set out to do...  Build businesses that make your life easier.

What we do:

 We are building your customer base while you’re building a product or service that solves their specific problems. 



We learn what your customer need, and use that knowledge to build exactly  what they're willing to pay for.








Black Economy Solutions is a global consultancy that delivers Customer Inspired Growth, Products and Service. We believe in bringing businesses together with their customers to improve business results.


Customers are what make a product successful. Without customers willing to buy, it doesn’t matter how good or innovative or beautiful or reasonably priced a product is: it will fail. It makes no sense, then, that we spend most of our time and effort optimizing our product development process. What about customer development? Shouldn’t we invest at least as much time in understanding our customers, their needs and pain points, and how to deliver solutions to them?

By applying the scientific method to learning about your customers, we can help confirm that you’re on track to a business model that works and a product that people want to buy.