Our view of the black community help businesses move forward

Discover  innovative 100% black-owned businesses and the people behind them.


We believe entrepreneurship change the world.  As we continue to grow, we  building  more resources and better connections to support entrepreneurs through their life long journey.

We help ordinary people (investor's) identify investing opportunities in the black  communities.









"Black Economy Solutions.llc builds communities ...by investing in companies."  (100% black owned companies)                    

Black Economy Business Solutions is a group organization with a overall aspiration to create an environment which early-stage 100% black-owned startups are more likely to be successful and we try to achieve that by creating the right environment, the right support, coaching, training and the right access to investment to help them get started, grow and to realize there potential.   


We work's with partners in the private sectors, government and civil societies to address the low level of entrepreneurship and high failure rates of 100% black owned emerging businesses in America.  The initiative strives to develop 100% black owned businesses to levels where they can gain meaningful access to markets, finance and networks and facilitate access to these opportunities and in doing so promote entrepreneurship as a desirable career choice by building the profile of existing entrepreneurs as role models through our media, networks and public relations activities.






"100% black- owned investment community committed to adding value and making a difference,

" That makes us committed to good people running good companies. "