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Member can find out how being a member of Black  Economy Solutions can drive innovation in you communities.




    Become a member and discover how we inrich African- American life with investing opportunities.  We are the first of its kind research service that identifies the best 100% black owned startups to invest in.

    Previously  only wealthy "accredited" investor could invest in these startups.  Know it is possible for any investor to buy share in young 100% black owned companies with high growth potential. 

    This is a high -risk- high- reward, under served, under research investment class.

    Black Economy Solutions research team has the experience, connections, and dedication to help their members find the best opportunities and avoid potential costly mistake.  For years we been preparing for this launch of this market.  Now we are ready to take  members on a fun and profitable journey. 

    If you join us.  You'll learn to build a portfolio of high- caliber 100% black owned businesses.

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